Court Maintenance

Synthetic grass requires regular maintenance.


Long lasting artificial grass surface for tennis.


Easy-to-install artificial tennis court surface.

Surface Repairing

Repair your artificial grass tennis court to ensure playability.

Tennis Court Maintenance

Why Is There A Need For Maintenance?

Maintenance ensures that the infill is maintained at the recommended level. If this synthetic grass is not maintained correctly, it can start holding water, and soon it becomes absorbent and spongy. If the drainage system is flawed, then it can result in the contamination of the surface producing algal bloom.

Tips For Maintenance

Try the below-mentioned tips to maintain the artificial grass in your tennis court

Prevent Deterioration

To prevent the grass from damage, acids can be replaced by bleach and vinegar and any effective cleaning agent.

Shock Absorption Layer

To make the synthetic grass feel natural, a shock absorption layer is added on to it, which makes it soft and easy to walk on.

Maintaining The Infill

Infills come in a variety of options. Some infills are synthetic, and others are organic. Replacing the infill quite easy.

Artificial Playing Surface

Why maintain an artificial grass tennis court?

Maintenance of a tennis court is very similar to the maintenance of a vehicle. If a vehicle is not serviced on time, it can cost you a lot and will result in the reduction of its life span. Also, disregarding your tennis court maintenance is likely to damage the surface and subsequently affect its playability. It would be heavy on the pocket to replace the surface so that it could look exactly how a tennis court surface looks.

Tennis Court Maintenance

Great-looking artificial grass surface

How beautiful does it look when we watch a tennis match on that greenfield? There are a lot of efforts that are invested in making it look like that, Perfect. With the tips shared above, you can easily reach your cleaning and maintaining goals regarding artificial grass.

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